NORTHERN EXPOSURE Resort & Campground

Located on the Chetek Chain of Lakes!
.Located on the Chetek Chain of Lakes! 

Fishing report

August 1,  2012 

Crappie anglers are enjoying some good fishing on the Chetek chain of lakes through these last remaining days of July. Drifting in water depths of 8-12ft on the main lakes of the chain are catching some nice size fish to bring to the dinner table while on vacation. Crappie jigs fished vertically and tipped with a crappie minnow or a waxie seem to work well to tantalize them to bite. You and also use a bobber to suspend your jig to catch these suspending fish.  

Bluegill anglers are finding the big bluegills in 7-10 ft of water and tight to the bottom in these areas. You may find dragging your worm and hook along the bottom to work better than a bobber rig. Small junks of night crawlers work well can be harder for them to steal your bait from the hook.  

Northern pike anglers are finding the pike in 4-8 ft of water when throwing small spoon baits and spinner baits in the morning hours. You find them busting small shad bait fish in these areas on the water surface. Twitching a floating rapala on the surface can work very well to imitate a wounded minnow also. Hold on tight to your rod when working your as there a some big fish in feeding at these times.  

Bass anglers are finding many numbers of bass biting at their artificial baits. Pitching jigs or rubber worms into the fallen trees along the shorelines work well for finding some of the big fish hanging in the shaded waters. Working scum frogs along the tops of weed pockets and duck weed in the bays will bring you some exciting surface hits from the bass lurking below.  

Walleye anglers are finding some trolling and trigger some of the walleyes into biting when trolling the channel areas and along the underwater points located around the chain of lakes. Look for water depths from 7-12 ft for these suspending walleyes. Trolling with shad raps, rapalas, cordell minnows and walleye divers can work well for baits to entice the strikes.

Good luck to all anglers and don't forget to buy your raffle tickets for the walleye stocking program from local sport shops and retailers. The raffle is in one month.